Область на Ю-ЮЗ от Берегоста(на юг от Bassilus' area)

Возможные соратники:

Half-Ogres, Skeletons, Gnolls, Hobgoblins, Ogres, Flinds


- Убить полуогров по заданию Бьёрнина.

Побочные квесты:

- Bjornin's Half-Ogres (see the Beregost section above)

- Help Drizzt Do'Urden
Somewhere near the center of the map you will find Drizzt being attacked by some Gnolls. He will ask for your help in defeating the Gnolls. Agree and attack them. Once the Gnolls are slaughtered, you can talk to Drizzt (of if you prefer, you could try to pick his pocket, although if he catches you...) and tell him about how things are in this area. He will tell you to try to join up with the bandits in order to defeat them. Drizzt: Area S-SW of Beregost (x 2644 y 2107)

- Kill Drizzt Do'Urden
Alternatively, you could kill Drizzt and take his neato items.

---KyleEChu sent me this:
"Here's a tip I use all the time: The Best Way to Kill Drizzt! The best time to do this is when your reputation is 14. Killing Drizzt will incur the same penalty as killing an innocent. At 14, you only lose 5 points. Equip your entire party with projectile weapons, and stock up on ammunition. Have everyone carry as much ammunition as they can. Ask a sacrificial NPC to join. Garrick or Edwin are good for this purpose. Now go to the area where Drizzt is (S-SW of Beregost) and position your main party on the south edge of the small island in the middle of the lake. The south shore of the lake should just be visible to them. Select your sacrificial NPC and approach Drizzt. When he tries to talk to you, lure him to the south shore of the lake so that your main party can see him. Threaten Drizzt and he will attack, and most likely smash your sacrificial NPC into pieces. He will not be able to reach the rest of your party. Select your main party and let him have it! Because you are low-level and he has a high AC, you need to practically rely on critical hits to damage him. After you knock off his 96 HP, he finally falls and you can go get his stuff."

---edwardalacey had this to add:
"KyleEChu's method for killing Drizzt is very clever, but here is a piece of advice which might help if anybody has trouble with it. When I tried it I found that Drizzt came around the lake and killed me. The solution turned out to be my "path search nodes" setting. It was 32000, which was enough for the program to find a path around the lake, but when I turned it down temporarily to the minimum 2000 using the configuration program he could not get round and I could kill him."

---Juha Alm has another way to take out Drizzt:
Killing Drizzt: I know a way to kill Drizzt with no one getting hurt. First have Drizzt stop walking by clicking on him as you would talk to him. But don't talk, stop and let 4 of your NPC's walk next to him so he cant move. Now go stand next to one of them. Remove the NPC from your party, and because you're standing right next to him/her, he wont walk towards you, only starts speaking. Now do this to the other 3 NPC's. After done you'll have Drizzt trapped in the middle of 4 characters, and he wont attack them because they are not in your party, and they are civilians. Now just fire with magical arrows or take a long weapon (spear, staff or halberd) and go stand behind one of your NPC's. You can hit over him/her, and Drizzt can't hit you back because he can't reach you with his scimitars. And when you kill him with only 1 or 2 characters in your party, the main character gains all of the 12000 (1 char) or "only" 6000 exp. with 2 characters on party.

- Teyngan the Bandit
Teyngan is a humble bandit, all he wants is your money or your life. Him and his two bandit cohorts, Jemby and Zekar will fight you if you don't surrendur all your money. Caution, Jemby is a mage! Defeat them and steal their treasures.
Teyngan: Area S-SW of Beregost (x 3851 y 1348)

- Chelan & Torlo
Seems the iron shortage has put these poor sods out of work, and they now fish 24 hours a day.
Chelan: Area S-SW of Beregost (x 2153 y 1179)
Torlo: Area S-SW of Beregost (x 1581 y 1064)

- Abandoned House
House: Area S-SW of Beregost (x 1385, 714)

Written by Dan Simpson,translated by ATG
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